Favorite ON24 Product Release?

I’d love to hear what your favorite recent product release has been and what has been interesting about it to you?

What are you looking forward to being released?

We use the broadcast video function on On24 to produce quality webcasts that our audience can enjoy; everything from switching multiple cameras within the studio, to integrating graphics to the video feed and a 15 minute countdown video that give folks joining early a chance to see how long until the webcast starts.

One fairly recent change that we liked was regarding simulive webcasts and the addition of the custom lobby music/video. There are times where we won’t have studio availability to produce 2 fully live broadcasts, so we pre-record and air the webcast simulive as if it’s live. This is where the custom music/video comes in. Now, instead of the audience joining early and seeing the black screen (of death) and listening to Mozart and company, they now get a more customized lobby video with the best royalty free music we could find to lift their spirits and get them ready for a great webcast.

One feature that we’ve been told is coming is the ability to have 2 confirmation emails: one that gets sent after registering if the webcast HASN’T aired, and one that would get sent out if they register after the webcast HAS aired and is available on demand. We do a lot of webcasts in a year and this feature would elevate the need to re-edit all the confirmation emails after the webcast airs.

Being able to pin speakers has been a huge thing for us! There’s a ton of new features, but being able to swap pins based on a script and not have long audio-based transitions makes for smoother post-event products for us.

I am looking forward to getting the new ESRA feature for editting simulive and on demand recorded webinar in On24 itself. I have seen it in demonstrations and CAB meetings, now I look forward to start working with it myself!